New Year, New You?

So, we’re about a week into 2014, how are those resolutions/goals going?  We all have high hopes for the new year, but  it will take more than just will power and desire to be successful.  The truth is if we don’t plan well and work hard we will not succeed in reaching the goals that we have.  Here are some thoughts:

Evaluate and Re-evaluate – Take an honest look at  2013.  What did you accomplish?  What went well?  What didn’t?  Knowing where you have come from is crucial to getting to where you want to be.  Also, check yourself as you go and make mid-course corrections as needed.

Plan – If you don’t have a target, you can’t hit it.  Know where you want to go.  Set goals that are measurable and realistic, and then write them down.  Check your progress often so that you can stay on track.

Refuse to Quit – New habits take a while to form.  Work at your goals consistently.  If you fall in an area get back up and get going again.  Don’t allow a setback to become a failure.  Reaching your goals will be worth the effort.

Be Accountable – This can be uncomfortable, but can also save you.  Ask someone to hold you accountable and ask you tough questions about what you are doing to achieve your goals.  Be honest in the answers you give this person and let the discomfort this creates in you motivate you to keep going and excelling in your plan.

Celebrate – Take time to celebrate your achievements.  Reward yourself with dinner at your favorite restaurant, go to a movie, or give yourself a gift.  Do something that recognizes you accomplished something and that will motivate you to accomplish even more.

Seek God – This is really the first step, but I am listing it here so that it will be one of the last things that you read here.  I believe that God has a plan for you and has designed you for a purpose and so it only seems reasonable to include Him in this process and ask for His guidance as you set your course.  Here are some passages to read and think about.  Matthew 25:14-28 and Romans 8:28-29.

I hope this has been helpful to you.  If you would like me to pray for you please leave a comment and I would be glad to.  Also, did I leave anything out, or do you have any other suggestions?  Please leave those as well, it might just be the encouragement that someone else needs.

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