Let it go!

Philippians 3:13-14

There’s a scene in Indiana Jones the Last Crusade where a character falls into a bottomless chasm that opens up right beneath her feet. Indiana grabs her arm to try and keep her from falling, but she slips and falls to her death because she’s reaching for the Holy Grail which is stuck on a rock just beyond her grasp. As she falls Indiana almost follows her, but is caught by his father. He too reaches for the Grail, something he has searched for his entire life, and almost slips out of his father’s hand, but his father saves him by convincing him to let it go.

In order for his life to be saved Indiana had to let go of what was behind and reach forward so that his father could pull him to safety. I believe that’s what Paul is talking about here in Philippians. Paul says that he has not yet reached where he wants to be, but he is working on forgetting what is behind him and straining towards what is ahead so that he can reach his goal.

Sometimes in order for us to move forward we have to let go of what’s behind us. We can learn from the past, we can grow from the past, but we can’t live in the past and continue to move forward.

That means:

sometimes we have to forgive

sometimes we have to grieve

and sometimes we have to deal with unfinished business

But, ultimately we will have to let go so we can continue to move forward.

What’s holding you back? It’s time to let it go.

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