The Waiting Game

photo credit: David Castillo Dominici @

photo credit: David Castillo Dominici @

I think we can all agree that waiting is no fun.  It doesn’t matter if you’re waiting for the dentist or you’re in line at Disney, it’s not fun.  We wait for appointments, phone calls to be returned, questions to be answered, and pizza’s to be delivered, and we don’t like it at all.  In our world of instant rice, instant coffee, instant messages, and instant gratification we have virtually lost the ability to patiently wait.

So, what happens when you or I pray for something and God says… Wait?  We’ve probably all been there, and most likely we have all had the same reaction.  We cry, we whine, we pray more, and we pray harder.  We moan and groan, and we try to make things happen ourselves.  And we eventually find ourselves fighting against God.  All the while, though, He is still saying… wait.

If that’s where you are today you are not alone.  Waiting is a common tool that God uses in our lives to help us grow while He prepares us for what is next.  Abraham waited decades to receive the child he was promised.  Joseph had a dream, but he had to wait through slavery and prison before he saw it become a reality.  Job waited a lifetime to find out why he lost everything, and though all that he lost was restored to him, as far as we can tell through Scripture, he was never told why.  And David waited for years to take the throne that God chose him for, and many of those years were spent on the run for his life.

God uses waiting to prepare us for our destiny, and to get our destiny ready for us.  The Bible says that those who wait on God are blessed and shall not be put to shame…

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