Keep in Touch



A few years ago I was working on a project for school that required me to interview someone in ministry.  A friend from high school was kind enough to share his time with me.  He was serving as pastor of a church while he finished up seminary,  and was glad to answer my questions and provide what I needed to complete my project.

I was excited about the conversation because it would accomplish what I needed for my class and allow me to reconnect with a friend that I had not talked with in years.  We had a great time talking and catching up, but something about the conversation struck me.  We had no problem talking about school and ministry.  We also were able to almost effortlessly catch each other up on what had gone on in our lives since high school.  But when it came to connecting beyond that it took a little more work.

The reason is that relationships are perishable.  Physical distance can create relational distance is we fail to keep in touch.  The key is communication.  No matter the relationship if we don’t communicate we’ll grow distant.

One of my goals is to remind people of this truth so that they can stay close to each other and also stay close to God.  I’ve dedicated this blog to helping people learn, or relearn, to  keep in touch.

I’ve also just finished a book that’s aimed at helping people develop the habit of keeping in touch with God.  I’ll be releasing 30 Days to Connect on December 10th.  I hope that you’ll keep in touch with me so that you can pick up a copy.  I also hope that you’ll keep in touch because in addition to the book I’m going to be leading a 30 Day Challenge beginning January 1st which can help you to start the year off by establishing consistent communication with God.  The challenge will be accessible for free, and I’ll be sending out more info on it soon.

Keep in touch!

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