We Remember



Last year my family and I visited a National Cemetery as a part of our Memorial Day observance.  When we got home I posted the following on Facebook:

“We were amazed today by the number of people who were at the National Cemetery in Bushnell. The crowd of people and astounding number to tombstones are a reminder of the cost of freedom. I pray we won’t forget those who gave their all, and that we will continue to protect what their sacrifice has purchased.”



I found the photos today and was reminded of how meaningful that day was to me.  I have been to this place many times to lay to rest those who have served and defended our nation. For them, and for all those who have gone before, I am truly grateful. This year and every year, I pray we remember.




May your Memorial Day be an excellent day.  I pray that you are able to take time to remember, and to give thanks for those who had the courage and love to give their all in order to defend the place we call home.  Happy Memorial Day!

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