Going on Mission



I met David about 3 years ago.  We were both at a church function, and I very much enjoyed getting to know him that night.  Over the years since then I have had the opportunity to meet with him at least a few times a year.  Each time I am captivated by the stories he shares about his ministry to the people of Haiti.

David has a home for orphan boys, but the work that he does goes far beyond giving these boys a safe place to live.  That would be a significant ministry in itself, no doubt about that.  But he also ministers to as many on the island nation as he can.  He feeds families, shares resources (like water and electricity), reaches out to help other orphanages, helps connect people to medical treatment, and shares the life-changing message of the Gospel.  It’s safe to say that David and his team are a vital support system to the people of his community.

That’s why I love this ministry.  David gives of himself without holding back and as a result the boys are given a home, love, and a future.  So, for the past couple of years I have14915320_216125778820360_7025414367533626254_n wanted to do something to help.  The last few months have given me that opportunity.  In December our church came together and was able to send over 100 gift boxes to David.  It was enough for each  of his boys to receive something and to be able to share with neighboring orphanages.

David has also invited a group of us to come and see his ministry first-hand.  We’ll get to tour the home, encourage David and his team, and minister in the surrounding area.  I would greatly appreciate your prayers for all of this.

If you would like to help in other ways you can contribute financially by using the link below.  My goal is $1000 which would cover my travel and food expenses, and allow me to leave a donation to help carry on the work there.

I’ll send a copy of my first book, Attitude Check, to everyone who makes a donation of $25 or more.

Here’s the link:


We are also collecting clothes, shoes, and toys to give to David.  If you are interested in sending something with us please contact me for details.

For more about David’s ministry go to http://www.blackandwhiteforjesus.com

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