Letters don't quite hold the same power that they used to, unless they are all that you have.  Before smart phones and the internet there was a day when letters held people together.  They connected loved ones in spite of great distances.  In spite of whatever physical obstacles were  in the way,  letters had the … Continue reading Letters

Running from Failure

A couple of days ago I came across a photo that reminded me of a very good memory.  It was a photo of my wife and I celebrating our fifteenth wedding anniversary in St. Augustine, Florida.  Here's the photo. As I looked at the photo I remembered what an amazing week we had together, and … Continue reading Running from Failure

Guest Post – Praying With Power by Hannah Williams

  “So Peter was kept in prison but fervent prayer for him was persistently made to God by the church [assembly].” Amplified Bible The prayer that has power is the prayer offered unto God. Praying with power includes a fervent spirit and a willingness to persevere!  Praying with power includes four very important elements. First, … Continue reading Guest Post – Praying With Power by Hannah Williams