Time to give thanks

Thankfulness is good for our hearts.  Taking the time to remember our blessings, and to give thanks to God for them reminds us of what is important and how truly blessed we are.  It also helps us to have a healthy outlook on ourselves and the world that we live in. Yesterday was an excellent … Continue reading Time to give thanks

Praise or Complain

  Being negative is easy.  Have you ever stopped to think about that?  On any given day we can easily list a hundred things that have gone wrong, but recognizing that day's blessings can be a little more of a challenge.  In my world of church ministry I can ask for prayer requests, critiques, or … Continue reading Praise or Complain


Letters don't quite hold the same power that they used to, unless they are all that you have.  Before smart phones and the internet there was a day when letters held people together.  They connected loved ones in spite of great distances.  In spite of whatever physical obstacles were  in the way,  letters had the … Continue reading Letters