The Impact of a Godly Mother

*photo credit – David Castillo Dominici & Free Digital Photos

Do you remember what it was like right after your children were first born?  You know, when they were still loveable?  Before there was eye rolling, back talking, and mess making there was a bundle of joy and potential laying there in your arms.

Do you remember wondering what they would look like, how they would act, and what they would become when they were older?  We did that a lot in the early days after our first daughter was born.  She gave us a lot of time to think about it because she didn’t sleep for the first 2 years of her life, or at least that is how it felt at the time.

Most parents have dreams for their children, but less are willing to make the investment necessary to see those dreams come to life.  For those of us who have Godly mothers we have seen in our lives the impact that they have.  They saw the potential in us early and they nurtured it with love as we grew so that we could realize the potential that God placed within us.

As Paul wrote to Timothy for the second time he encourages Timothy by pointing out the God-honoring traits he sees in him which had their origin in his mother’s great faith.  My encouragement to you this week is that as you reflect on these attributes you would recognize your mother’s investment in you and make sure that this week and every week she knows how thankful you are for her.

The below comes from observations of 2nd Timothy 1:3-6

Tears of Compassion

Paul outlines his memories of a great man’s character, and he attributes that character to the legacy which was passed from Timothy’s grandmother to his mother, and also from his mother to him.  Paul says that he remembers Timothy’s tears.  This is an expression that Paul uses to show genuine care and compassion for others.

Sincere Faith

Timothy’s mother passed on to him the makings of a great man, but she also passed on to him something of much greater and eternal worth – a sincere faith.  There is no better foundation for faith to grow on than a consistent example of Godliness lived out at home.
God’s Call
Too many parents put unnecessary pressure on their kids to be or do a certain thing.  They want them to take over the family business, follow in a parent’s footsteps, or go to a certain school when that is not what the child desires and maybe not God’s will for them.  Godly mothers nurture God’s calling for their children.  They do this no matter where it will take their kids because their greatest concern is for their kids to be everything God made them to be.
If your mother helped develop these attributes in you then you are truly blessed.  I know that there are many more good things that mothers do and inspire in us, but this is just a sample to get you thinking.  The real key is to recognize their investment in us and then to say “Thank you” not only with words and cards, but also with our lives.

Have you felt the impact of a Godly mother?  I’d love to read your story.

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