Trial by Fire

*Photo credit: Toa55 @Free digital Photos

*Photo credit: Toa55 @Free digital Photos

It’s easy to be thankful when good things happen, but what about the times that are hard, painful or uncertain?  James says that those are the times that we should thank God.  The same God is with us during the pleasure and the pain, so if He allows a trial to enter your life it makes sense that there is a purpose for it and it is that purpose which James challenges us to be thankful for.

 So when your next trial strikes remember:

Attitude is Everything. The attitude you have can make the difference between success and failure during a trial.  Be ready.  Expect that bad things will happen.  This isn’t being pessimistic, just realistic. Peter says that we shouldn’t be surprised trials will come, they are a result of sin and also work to revel God’s glory as we endure them (1 Peter 4:12-13)

There is a Purpose. Trials can have a positive result when we respond well to their attack.  They reveal what we are made of, build our strength for the next trial, and add power to our testimony.  God allowed this to enter your life for a reason.

Rely on God. That is the only way to survive.  The natural responses of running, giving up, or getting angry lead to defeat.  When we rely on God we gain strength to endure and overcome, and also learn how to better rely on Him for the next storm.

Ultimately when a trial drives you to your knees that is right where God wants you.  Remember that faith pleases God.  When a trial helps you rely on God, grow in your faith, and build your testimony it’s worthy of your thankfulness.  So, don’t run from your next trial.  Thank God for it, and embrace it for His glory.

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