10 Reasons I want to be more like my Dad

Photo Credit: winnond @freedigitalphotos.com

Photo Credit: winnond @freedigitalphotos.com

As a child I didn’t appreciate my Dad as much as I should have, but now that I am older I see so many qualities ​in him that I believe are worthy of emulating.  My prayer is that I will display many of these qualities in my life as I am molded more in the image my Savior.
Here’s why I want to be more like my Dad.


1.   He’s a man of integrity.

2.   He’s a man of honor.

3.   He’s a man who serves.

4.   He is a giver.

5.   He sacrifices for others.

6.   He takes care of his family.

7.   He is patient.

8.   He has great courage.

9.   He shows love in actions and words.

10. He’s a reflection of my Heavenly Father.


What are the things you admire most about your Dad?  I’d love to read your thoughts.

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