Under Pressure

  https://youtu.be/kSP1K4bGSio   Under Pressure   Scripture Text: James 1:19-21   Introduction: We're going to go through all kinds of emotions when we're struggling.  Some of them are natural and help us to process what's going on.  Some make things worse, though.   In a way it may feel as though I'm coming down on … Continue reading Under Pressure

Forgiveness (Sermon Notes)

  Notes for Sunday February 26, 2017 Forgiveness Letting go of the weight of the past     Scripture Text: Ephesians 4:32   Introduction: We've spent 3 weeks talking about what God-honoring homes and families look like, and honestly we've just scratched the surface. So, I encourage you to keep searching out what God's word … Continue reading Forgiveness (Sermon Notes)