Merry Christmas!

*photo credit: cuteimage

*photo credit: cuteimage

As a child I looked forward to Christmas all year long.  When the day finally came, like lots of other kids, I was up before the sun staring at the tree just waiting for the moment when my parents would let me tear into my presents.  Now, don’t judge me.  You know you did the same thing.  Back then Christmas was about what I got.

Things are different now, though.  I still love Christmas and I still look forward to it, but for slightly different reasons.  My excitement isn’t for my own gifts now.  Instead I love to watch my wife and kids open their gifts.  I love their excitement, and I love the look on their faces as they tear off the paper.  Christmas is now about what I give.

We are blessed to have much of our family nearby.  Holidays, especially Christmas, are times of celebration.  We set aside significant amounts of time to be with family, both immediate and extended.  There is always good food to eat, games to play, late night talks, and lots of laughs.  Christmas is also about family.

Long ago God gave us the greatest gift ever given, He gave us Himself.  One of the names that the Bible uses for Jesus is Immanuel which means God with us.  In Jesus God stepped into our world in a way that allowed us to see Him and get to know Him.  Most of all it allowed us to see how much God loves us.  Faith in that changes everything.  That is why Christmas is about Christ.

Thank you so much for reading what I have had to say this year.  I pray that this has been a source of encouragement for you, and I look forward to continuing this journey with you in 2015.

Merry Christmas!

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