Decision Time

We make hundreds of decisions every day, sometimes without much though.  What time will you get up?  What will you have breakfast?  Go to work, or call in and go to the beach?  Speed or obey the speed limit?  Tell the truth or lie?

Some decisions are quick and easy: paper or plastic?  Dine-in or carry-out?  Some are big, life-changing decisions: who will you marry, where will you go to college, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Today we’re going to look at some people who were at a moment when they had to make a huge decision: what will I do with Jesus?  That moment comes at different times for each of us.  It could be that we’ve just heard the Good News that Jesus saves and now we have to decide how to respond, or it could be that we are presented with an opportunity to lie so that we can get ahead.  What will we do with Jesus in those moments?  Are we willing to follow Him, or are we not?

This morning I tell you that Decision Time will come for each of us.  When it does, what will you choose to do with Jesus?  That choice will impact everything.

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