Why David?

Have you ever looked at someone and just asked… “why?”  Why did he get that promotion?  Why did she get the job that lead to meeting that person so that she is now rich and famous?

Why David?  Why did God choose him?  Why does the Bible dedicate so much attention to him?

God took a nobody from a small town and greatly exalted him.  He took a young man who’s family was unknown and who smelled like the sheep he kept, a boy who spent most of his time alone in the wilderness, a kid so insignificant that his own family forgot to invite him to the biggest celebration of their lives and made him a king.  Why?

There were others who were stronger, older, and more experienced.  Surely there were young men who had families with a better standing in the community, there must have been men who were more politically savvy, someone out there somewhere must have had a better resume, but God chose David.  Why would he do that?

You’ve probably read the story and know the answer.  It was David’s heart.  God saw David’s heart and saw there something that He could work with.  So as we begin this look at David’s life we’ll start by looking at his heart.  Over the next several weeks as we look at David’s victories and failures the thing that will be consistent in it all will be his heart for God.

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