Setting Captives Free


A discussion we had at church Wednesday night has been stuck in my mind.  We were talking about being excited about what God has done in our lives, and as we talked something occurred to me.  Most of the time we seem to treat sharing about Christ like it’s a sales pitch.  As if it is our job to convince someone to believe in Jesus.  That just makes it awkward for everyone, and because of this we hold back on something that should be really natural.

As I’ve thought through this over the last day or so, I remembered a scene from Band of Brothers.  The 9th episode (Why We Fight) depicts the liberation of a Nazi concentration camp.  In it soldiers who are on patrol find a camp where the guards have left, and all that remains in that horrible place are those who have been able to cling to life up to that point.

No one had to convince the Soldiers to set those captives free.  They didn’t require any specialized training, they didn’t need motivation, and they weren’t going to wait to see if someone else would do it.  In fact it took a lot of restraint to get them to wait until medical personnel could arrive to properly care for those who were being set free.  They were so moved by the need that they saw that they felt compelled to do something.

What if we looked at talking about our faith that way?  What if we ditched the idea of making a sales pitch and started thinking in terms of setting captives free?  What would change if we were naturally moved to action by the great need that is all around us?

The Bible says that Jesus came to do just that.  His sacrifice on the cross set us free from: sin, shame, the Law, religion, death, hopelessness, addiction, and so much more.  He set us free, and has given us everything that we need to be able to set others free.

So, there’s nothing for us to sell. Instead we have the privilege of helping people find freedom. Doesn’t that sound better?

Who do you know that is held captive? Will you pray for their freedom and help them find the Way?

This was first shared on my church’s blog.  You can find more posts like this one as well as other resources at http://www.fbchighlandcity,com

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