What I learned at Elevate


Last weekend Priscilla and I went to a conference for Young Living business builders called Elevate.  It was one of the best conferences I’ve been to.  We learned a ton about essential oils, business building, networking, and much, much more.  To be honest, I’m still processing it.  I found, though, that in the midst of all the business talk it was difficult to turn the pastor side of my brain off.  So, the following are some thoughts that grabbed me as things that can transfer from the business world to the church.


We need to get excited – I’ve noticed this before, but it was fresh in my mind because the leadership team at my church was just discussing how we can help our people get excited about their faith.  We have no problem getting excited about sports, you see very few unexcited faces at Disney, and the atmosphere at Elevate was electric.


We need that in our walk with Christ.  Sometimes we can be the very opposite of enthusiastic as we live our lives, and gather for worship.  Jesus promised a life abundant with peace, joy, belonging, and purpose.  If anyone is excited, it should be us.  We’ve got to cultivate that.


The market place is a mission field – This probably impressed me the most.  This was a business conference.  It was not about ministry, and yet I was asked to join a prayer team, God was given praise from the stage by many for their success, and the Gospel was shared many times.  In fact, at least one person began their faith journey with Christ last weekend.


We’ve ignored the market place’s value as a mission field for far too long.  As leaders we need to empower and quip believers to boldly go into their work places and lovingly proclaim the hope they have in Christ.  We need to celebrate those who make it their mission to use their secular career to further God’s Kingdom.  We have a huge, and largely untapped, mission team serving in offices, stores, hospitals, and schools all around the world.  Let’s put them to work.


Generosity is beautiful – I was completely floored by this one.  One of the nights was set aside for a fundraising event.  The goal was to raise a total of $5000, but the final count was a little over $32,000.  What was amazing, though, wasn’t the amount raised but the attitudes of those who gave.


Money is often a touchy subject in church, but at this event it wasn’t.  These people were ecstatic about blessing others.  They planned, they set money aside, and they gave abundantly.  In fact, some were in tears because they wanted to be able to do more.  Now for context, some of these were very wealthy, and also this is a once-a-year event, but a generous heart is something that all of us can stand to cultivate.  Imagine the impact if we if we did.



We were made for community – One of the things that we heard over and over was how much teams enjoy being together, depend on each other for accountability and encouragement, and just value each other’s company.  That’s not really a surprise, though.  We all have a need to feel connected to others.  God made us that way.  We were designed to live in community.


So, it’s sad that we often don’t intentionally connect with others from church between Sundays.  We worship alongside of people whom we don’t really know.  People slip away from church because when life happens to them no one notices, and no one notices because we don’t work at connecting with each other.  The same Gospel that draws us to God also binds us to each other.  Cultivating deep and meaningful relationships should be a natural part of our faith.


You were made for a purpose – I don’t doubt that for a minute.  God designed you with gifts, abilities, personality, intellect, and much more.  All of that serves a purpose, and one of the greatest joys in life is living in the sweet spot of that purpose.  The One who designed you wants to share that purpose with you and to help you live it out.  Draw close to Him and day by day He’ll show you how to get there.  If I can help with that, it would be an honor for me to be a part of the process.


I hope that is helpful to you.  We can learn and grow from every experience, and it’s my desire to continue to grow a little every day.  I also want to help you in your journey.  This website is dedicated to that.  I hope that you will find tools here to help you along the way.

For more about Young Living – http://www.oilyfun.com

For more about our church – http://www.fbchighlandcity.com

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